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    Sunday, 30 April 2017

    Eid Wishes & Eid Greetings of Eid al Fitr 2017

    Eid festivities begin as soon as the Shawal moon is seen. The new moon saddens most people as they see that the month of blessings has finally come to an end but they are also happy as they accept a gift from Lord as defined by Holy Prophet (pbuh).

    The end of Ramadan means that Eid and its celebrations are just around the corner. After a month of fasting and focusing on pleasing nobody but Allah, it is time to unwind and enjoy all that is provided to them by their Creator. To some Eid is a gift from Allah for their complete devotion to him for a month and for others it is a massive spiritual uplift, true and very valuable.

    The breakfast on End is mostly a feast as a reward for fasting with a firm believe for a month. The day. The day begins by a congregational Eid prayer and praying to Allah for the acceptance of their worship in the previous month and also to bless the Muslim ummah. Muslims are told to wear the best possible attire and the use of perfume is highly encouraged. After the prayer muslim greet each other and come home reciting Takbir.

    The rest of the day is spent visiting relatives and spending a quality time with them. The whole concept of the Eid is exuberance gathering of people, handshakes, hugs and smiles all around. Fasting on the day is prohibited and the ummah is advised to interact with people rather than getting busy on extensive worship. 

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