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    Tuesday, 4 April 2017

    Eid al Fitr 2017 Whatsapp Messages, Eid Wishes & Eid Greetings

    In Eid alfitr people great each other in several ways, most commonly they text each other on cell phones short messages that are usually funny, sometimes they call each other, they go pray together.

    Eid prayer which usually is done in big mosques or on the streets. Eid is a great chance to talk to people you may have been in a fight with to break the ice but what it is really about is connecting with your families including close and far relatives, which is one of the most common features in Eid.

    Here are Best Whatsapp Messages to share with your Loved Ones

    Apart from sharing greetings. Relatives give young children money and this is called “Eidya” which makes the kids very happy as they spend it later on games in the fun fair which is called “haret el Eid” and toys they buy, sometimes the guests buy juice boxes to the family they are visiting.

    In Eid alfitr usually families visit each other in their homes and the hosting family serves special cookies “kahk” that are just made on the Eid, the guests spend an hour or so before they move on to the next house, the atmosphere is full of love during the Eid time and who enjoy it the most are the children as they go out to play and buy balloons and toys, usually there are some local fun fairs that are set on the streets a few days before the Eid begins.

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