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    Sunday, 2 April 2017

    Eid al Fitr 2017 Greetings, Messages, Eid Cards

    The beauty of celebrating Eid 2017 lies in the fact of festivity and celebrating it with others. Islam is a religion of profound unity and gatherings, which focuses on the whole social system and how an individual could do to help others.

    Same is the case with Eid celebrations, what good of an event or happy moment comes from if we cannot share it with others? The very word of Eid wish with which we greet, ‘Eid Mubarak’ to other is in Arabic. As this is the emerging age of internet so greeting virtually to people outside our hometown or country with quotes and phrases over Facebook has also become a kind of ritual. 

    Even celebrities from every field of life post images and videos to greet their fans over the internet to show their harmony with their fans. Internet and technological breakthrough has not only minimized the use of hard copies it also left its marks over the age-old tradition of Eid greeting cards people use to send each other through the mail.

    Right from the moment the announcement came in televised around the globe in news tickers of moon sightings, the very first response viewers came around with is usually pick their smartphones and post the greetings over their social media for friends and relatives. 

    At the same time loads of texts consisting of Eid greetings starts to pour in. People post their selfie images of praying of Eid prayers in mosques and places where Eid prayers are offered out in open.

    As the difference of time zones causes the sightings of the moon for Eid-ul-Fitr on different days from North America till the second end of the world, Eid contentious to be celebrated throughout the world for several days. Meaning people who have relatives and acquaintances in other countries will start greeting each other a day prior to the Eid day in their own locality. Amazing, isn’t it?

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