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    Thursday, 30 March 2017

    Eid-al Fitr 2017 Wishes - Eid SMS, Eid Messages to Friends

    Wishing for Eid al fitr 2017 not only means wishing by his or her own words. There a bundle of material lover internet consists of r wishing SMS, Eid greeting messages in different languages.  

    Eid wishes can be sent in Arabic as it will appear more appealing to its receiver or you can just send your wishes in English from one of the following wishes to greet your loved ones with pictures and have a lasting impact of your presence in their happy memories.
    eid al fitr wishes

    I wish this happy day and holy festival brings calmness and serenity in your life not only on Eid day but to all of your life ahead. Not only to you but to all of the people you love and cherish. A very Happy Eid Day.
    Right from the depths of my heart, I pray that the happiness of the current moment not only seizes this day but continues to be there for the rest of your life.
    Eid day is not only the remembrance of you overcoming your shortcoming during the whole month of fasting but it is to remember those in good time who couldn’t do it on their own. 
    Be compassionate and loving to all those who need it the most. Eid Mubarak with the soul of my heart. 
    Just like the drops cannot be counted in a bucket full of water, I wish you as many moments of happiness to you and your family as the droplets of water into the bucket full of water.
    Muslim is not an idea of an individual with a single agenda to be himself, being Muslim is about the code of life we prove throughout our lives around the world, around people living in our societies. 
    Eid wishes to all those Muslims around the globe who are the ones deserve this wish the most. Happy Eid.  

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